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AR Coatings for complete eye protection


During everyday activities, we are exposed to light from many different sources: the sun, tablets, digital notebooks, cell phone and TV screens, lamps, etc. Light radiation from all of these sources is not always beneficial.

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Freeform Surfaces - Opportunities & challenges


This article presents a comprehensive evaluation of actual available technologies & thier challenges for the production of freeform optics. Freeform optics refers to the fabrication of optical elements with non-traditional shapes, allowing for enhanced optical performance and versatility in various applications.

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The vital role of the Coolant Management System


When concerned with effective lens production, it’s imperative for labs to consider not only the most efficient, productive and cost-effective methods, but also those which will not cause negative environmental repercussions.

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The art of generating - a technological challenge


Clear vision is crucial for various daily tasks, making glasses essential for billions of people worldwide. To obtain the right pair, individuals consult an optician who then typically orders lenses from an ophthalmic manufacturing lab.

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The road to a sustainable and profitable lens production


Sustainability entails assessing production's environmental impact alongside economic, environmental, and social aspects. To advance sustainable lens production, labs must prioritize meeting present needs without jeopardizing future generations' abilities.

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