The C-300 high precision 7-axis centering machine processes various geometries including non-circular shapes and a wide range of diameters of 10–300 mm.

The first centering machine to combine force-controlled grinding and full flexibility of CNC technology, paving the way for highest speed and best surface quality.

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Innovative force grinding, cooling & voice-coil clamping

The C-300 is equipped with 2 direct driven tool spindles and precise linear motors shortens processing times and increases efficiency. Combining three innovative processes of special force grinding, cooling and voice-coil clamping allows for highly dynamic movements with precise force control and a better surface quality, while processing at the highest speed.

Efficient and Flexible

  • Processes various geometries with almost no tool exchanges.
  • 2 tool spindles moving independently for faster processing and shorter cycle times.
  • Time saving multi-chamfering capability.
  • Extremely precise linear motors and direct drive tool spindles provide edge processing at highest speed and best surface quality.
  • Innovative force grinding reduces processing times and minimizes tool strain for longer service life.
  • Processes various steps and contours all in one machine.
  • Voice-coil technology allows dynamic movements with extremely precise force control for a sensitive and highly accurate centering clamping process.
  • Processes even non-circular shapes with optional form shaping grinding.

Reliable and Precise

  • Repeatable position accuracy of 0.001 mm guarantees precise and consistent results.
  • Air bearing work-piece spindle without seals eliminates wear, friction, & start-up resistance.
  • Excellent surface quality through best torsion stiffness and vibration-free high cutting speed.
  • Unique clamping system with pneumatic weight balance compensates for the differing weights of centering bells
  • Special cooling technology for optimized, even tool cooling and flushing.
  • High stability through unique and proven polymer concrete base and vibration damping machine feet.

Easy to use

  • Easily accessible working chamber simplifies maintenance and cleaning.
  • User-friendly touch screen with intuitive Centro Software.
  • Error-free and easy operation with integrated graphical simulation mode.
Working range:

Diameter: Ø 10–300 mm Height: Ø 0–90 mm

Dimensions (wxdxh):

1200 x 1850 x 2300 mm / 47.24 x 72.83 x 90.55 inches

Weight: 3200 kg / 7055 lb

All technical data are subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh.

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