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VFT-macro-E is a manual, digital  lens generator for low volume production. It features VFT technology.

Satisloh VFT-macro-E manual low volume lens generator
Satisloh VFT-macro-E lens cutting and cribbing process 1
Satisloh VFT-macro-E lens cutting and cribbing process 2

Entering the world of digital lens generating

The manual, compact lens generator is ideal for small labs just entering digital generating.

  • Easy installation and clearly arranged features.
  • Large R6 PCD cutter for pre-cut and cribbing instead of milling spindle.
  • Processes up to 25 lenses per hour.
  • VFT fast tool for ultimate surface accuracy and smoothness enabling short “cut-to-polish” processes.
  • Corrosion resistant working chamber.


  • Mechanical engraving.
  • All format software.
  • Upgrade to a full version VFT-macro.
Productivity:Up to 25 lenses/hour
Working range:Concave:up to -14.5 dpt.
Lens material:All organic materials
Dimensions (wxdxh):1100 x 1200 x 1500 mm / 43 x 47 x 59 inches
Weight:<800 kg / 1,764 lbs

All technical data subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh.