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Manufacturing quality lenses is more than equipment and processes - the quality of consumables and spare parts is also crucial. Using Satisloh’s original consumables, tools and parts can ensure your lab is consistently operating reliably, and help you avoid downtime that affects your delivery schedules and bottom line.

Our consumables, tools and spare parts are designed to ensure high quality output and equipment compatibility for the best performance of your Satisloh equipment. Our teams carefully research, test and select our products to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Whether you need to replace a diamond cutter, UV adhesive, polishing tools, or evaporation materials for your Ophthalmic or Precision Optics equipment, you can rely on Satisloh products to deliver maximum performance and quality.

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All surfacing processes thoroughly tested on Satisloh equipment to ensure best results and quality lenses.

  • Protection & blocking
  • Coolants & defoamers
  • Fining
  • Polishing
  • Diamond tools


Proven and perfectly suited consumables for Satisloh dip coaters, spin coaters, box coaters and sputter coating systems.

  • Evaporation materials
  • Sputtering materials
  • Parts
  • Accessories
  • Hard coating materials


Consumables & cleaning agents for precise lens cleaning, ready-to-coat and ready-for-inspection.

  • Cleaning agents for different applications


Assortment of consumables for lens assembly and perfect lens edging, including blocking pads, edging blocks and more.

  • Tools
  • Blocking chucks
  • Pads
  • Job trays


Why use Satisloh Consumables & Tools?


Each item is designed and manufactured to maximize the effiency and performance of your lab equipment.


They give you a competitive edge by optimizing workflow and improving yields.


Our materials are suitable for Satisloh machines, they bring optimum results, and the quality is consistent.


Our consumables are thoroughly tested on Satisloh equipment to ensure best results and quality lenses.

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