STEP Maintenance

Proactively prevent downtime with immediate support at your fingertips

Proper maintenance guarantees that your Satisloh equipment will perform at the highest quality level for years to come. With STEP (Satisloh Total Equipment Protection) we offer comprehensive maintenance to stabilize and secure the performance of your Satisloh lab equipment, to ensure continuous, uninterrupted operation and consistent quality production.

We offer two different levels to cover your specifc needs for Satisloh´s Ophthalmic and Precision Optics equipment.

  • Basic STEP - Basic support for customers with a skilled maintenance department and one to two shift operation.
  • Secure STEP - Enhanced support with increased security for maximum uptime and reduced operating costs for high performance labs


To learn more about our STEP maintenance and which program best suits your needs.

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Why invest in STEP maintenance?

  • Comprehensive Support – Proactive, pre-scheduled maintenance, and remote technical support with our product specialists.
  • Reliability with Satisloh Certified Parts & Labor – Our service technicians use only Satisloh factory-tested spare parts and are continually trained on the latest technology and product improvements.
  • Technology Updates – Machine firmware/software updates help continually improve Satisloh´s machine performance and reliability.
  • Cost Control – A STEP contract helps you manage your expenses by controlling upfront costs versus emergency repair fees.
  • Longer equipment lifetime.
  • Predictable & affordable cost of ownership.
  • Stay up and running to ensure full business continuity.
  • Maximize performance/throughput and output quality by regular preventive maintenance visits.

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