Integrated Smart Conveyor

Extremely flexible and robust conveyors to automate any Rx lens manufacturing lab. Its open system enables the automation of any lens production process & works seamlessly with any manufacturers' machines.

Whether your lab´s challenge is high throughput, short turnaround times or consistent production output, we help to achieve your goals, allowing you to work faster, more efficient with predictable results.

The combination of highly flexible conveyor system & skilled,experienced staff provides a cost effective and personalized solution for your lab.

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Transform your Lab into an Automated Factory

We provide the ideal lab design through consulting, layout visualization & performance analysis. We install, train and transfer knowledge to you during production ramp-up and in the future as your needs change and grow. From a single straight line for smaller labs just enter automation, up to the most elaborate layouts for high-volume labs. 

Reduce work-in-progress (WIP)

  • Eliminating bottlenecks & streamlining your production flow by balancing the job load per machine for the lowest work-in-progress possible.

Lower manufacturing costs

  • Highest equipment utilization rates & fewer physical interactions, reduces manufacturing costs by reducing direct labor and allocated overhead.

Optimize lab footprint

  • Configure & optimize the footprint even for the most challenging spaces & produce more lenses per square meter by maintaining machine accessibility.

Predictable production output

  • Automated production reduces operator made lens breakages and re-do's, with constant and repeatable delivery times.

Conveyor Routing Choices

Regardless of your conveyor workflow requirements we offer stand alone decision boxes for simple job routing or 3 software for various & complex routing decisions.

Hardware box for simple job route decision

  • Left / right decision
  • Job tray kick-out
  • Job sorting / batching

3 Routing software for centralized control

  • BASIC Routing - Job trays routed based on path availability.
  • EASY Routing - Job trays routed based on job parameters.
  • MES-360 Routing - Job trays routed based on machine status & process capability.

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