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The HS-200 is a flexible and mobile automation system for optics manufacturing. It smoothly loads up to 408 optical workpieces per cycle with a positioning accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm.  Its flexible design allows adding washing and turning stations at a later stage, automating even more the production process.

HS-200 lens loading
HS-200 automated handling system
HS-200 integrated washing station
HS-200 loading of machine

Efficient & mobile automated workpiece handling

The HS-200 is compatible with most Satisloh grinding, centering & polishing machines: SPM/SPS-200, SPM/SPS-125, SPM/SPS-50, PR-150 and C-300. Its design, an easy docking system with different suction cups and clamping options, facilitates and simplifies its use with more than one machine and different optical workpieces.

Efficient and flexible

  • Handles lenses Ø 15-80 mm and up to 50 mm lens thickness.
  • Compatible with most Satisloh grinding, centering, and polishing machines.
  • Mobile design allows flexible use where needed.
  • Modular, upgradeable design with optional washing and turning stations and double vacuum suction cup.
  • Use 2 trays for highest productivity and minimized reloading – up to 408 lenses per loading cycle.
  • Fully automated loading with at least 250 mm/sec increases your productivity.


  • Repeatability of +/- 0.1 mm guarantees smooth operation.
  • Very high lens handling sensitivity for less damage as with manual loading.

Easy to use

  • Easy docking system saves installation time.
  • No changeover needed - can remain at machine during manual loading.

408 lenses Ø ≤ 18 mm, 2 traysper loading cycle


Spheres, aspheres, cylinders, toroids, freeforms, prisms & other optical surfaces

Working range:

Handles workpieces Ø 15 - 80 mm, up to 50 mm lens thickness
25 mm at the washing station

Dimensions (wxdxh):1100 x 700 mm / 43 x 28 inches

 All technical data are subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh.

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