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AR Coating

Satisloh is the leader in anti-reflective (AR) and mirror coating equipment. The company’s experience is based on developing and building sophisticated coating systems for over 55 years. Innovation, the broadest portfolio of equipment and processes, & a responsive and large service team that keeps Satisloh machines running.

Covering the full process chain, we offers a wide range of proven & easy to install AR, mirror and top-coat processes as well as matching coating consumables, for all lens materials & coating quality requirements. With increased sophistication and controllability of vacuum chambers, new and unique coating designs with specific hardness, residual reflection, transmission and other performance attributes have been developed.

No matter which process, Satisloh’s expansive knowledge regarding equipment, processes and consumables guarantees uniform coating quality within each batch and from batch to batch.


High throughput vacuum box coater for clear AR and sun lenses. Processes up to 305 lenses/batch.


High volume vacuum box coater for AR & mirror coatings. Processes up to 245 lenses/batch.


Compact, next generation, mid-volume vacuum box coater for AR & mirror coatings. Processes up to 74 lenses/batch.


Standalone small vacuum box coater for AR & mirror coatings. Processes up to 30 lenses/batch.

Multi-Layer Coating Stacks

AR coating stack designs minimize reflection, specialized coatings protect from Blue and UV light, mirror coatings, and other performance attributes for Rx lenses.

Top coat

Applying a top coat layer to Rx lenses makes them easy to clean, repels water, grease, oil, dust and fingerprints.

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