Multi-FLEX-2, Satisloh´s next generation of high-volume lens polishing with varied production needs.

It provides full automation with 3 independently controlled polishing chambers. Each chamber provides 2 spindles and an optional tool wear monitoring system. The design allows labs to process up to three lenses simultaneously with different specifications, material, geometry, or surface requirements.

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Rx Lens Polishing at its best

  • Multi-FLEX-2 presents Satisloh's second generation of automated, high-volume, digital lens polishers.
  • It simultaneously process three lenses in three independently controlled polishing chambers for maximum productivity, versatility and redundancy.
  • The lens polisher features a universal polishing tool that can be used for all standard lens materials and the majority of Rx ranges.
  • It features a new tool-spindle design which guarantees highest reliability.
  • A redesigned tool-reception interface simplifies maintenance tremendously.
  • Multi-FLEX-2 lens polisher is Satisloh's first polisher which comes in the new state-of-the-art machine design.

Lens polishing with intelligent tools

  • Two tool spindles per chamber enable a second process step without changing tools or simply increase uptime by using only 1-step.
  • The universal tool technology optimizes production flow with fewer tool changes and reduces polishing tool inventory and complexity.
  • Polishing tools with embedded RFID tags ensure the correct loading of dynamic kinematics for the particular tool and process.

New Evolution-U Process

  • The newest process for all of Satisloh’s Multi-FLEX high-volume lens polishers.
  • It offers the broadest working range available with a single universal tool while maintaining the highest Rx-lens quality standards.
  • This universal tool technology optimizes production flow with fewer tool changes and reduces polishing tool inventory and complexity.

Service and maintenance friendliness

  • The machine design features back and front doors that fully open for best accessibility and easiest serviceability.
  • A Hydra-Boost integrated wash station cleans both, lens and block-piece, and uses up to 40% less water per lens than its predecessor.
  • Multi-FLEX-2 features an automatic software-controlled polishing chamber cleaning. Cleans the complete chamber and the integrated bellows.

Optional Tool Wear Monitoring

  • The smart system scans polishing tools and detects damage. Tool Wear Monitoring reduces lens breakage and machine downtime while ensuring best polishing results.
Productivity: Up to 100 lenses/hour with Top Speed
Working range: Base curve concave: 0 -14 dpt / extended up to 18 dpt. Lens diameter: 60-85mm / extended down to 48 mm Cylinder: 0-6 dpt
Lens materials: All organic materials
Dimensions (wxdxh):

1810 x 2231 x 2078 mm / 60 x 85 x 82 inches incl. conveyor and signal lamp

Weight: approx. 1400 kg / 3087 lb

All technical data subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh.

Multi-FLEX-2 Polishing Processes & Tools

Process NEW Evolution–U High Luster Top Speed
Polishing steps 1-step process 2-step process 2-step process
Productivity Up-to +90 lenses per hour Up-to 90 lenses per hour Up-to 100 lenses per hour
Characteristics For lenses that will be hard coated.
Knife-Edge lenses.
High curve lenses.
For high luster finish.
For lenses that will not be hard coated.
Knife-Edge lenses
Fastest process on the market for Polycarbonate
Availability Pre-installed Optional Optional
Polishing Tool Universal Extended Range FLEX Step 1.) Universal Extended Range FLEX
Step 2.) Universal High Luster FLEX
Step 1.) Universal Speed FLEX
Step 2.) Universal Extended Range FLEX

Best performance together with VFT-orbit-2i

Combine Multi-FLEX-2 using the Top Speed polishing process with the VFT-orbit-2i digital lens generator with Performance Package for the fastest and most productive lens-surfacing duo available.


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Your introduction to Industry 4.0 with MES-360 Lite
Increasing transparency and visibility of your equipment performance is one of the key levers to optimizing your production and reducing costs. MES-360 Lite provides daily reports using pre-established KPI to track machine utilization, production throughput, and top 5 errors for all of your Satisloh Lab 4.0 ready machines.

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