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2019 - Celebrating 1000 VFT-orbit

  • Celebrating the production of the 1000th VFT-orbit generator 
  • Fastest digital lens generator of the world

2018 -  High-end precision optics technology developments

  • New technology developments for high-end optical components production in the SPM-200 & SPS-200.
  • New automation system HS-200 to increase optics manufacturing productivity for the processing grinding, polishing and centering machine.
  • New SPM-10 & SPS-10 are the next generation of grinding and polishing CNC machines for micro optics

2018 - Lab 4.0 The future is now!

  •  Satisloh introduces groundbreaking Lab 4.0 program to bring Industry 4.0 to help ophthalmic labs to become smart factories.

2016 - New VFT-orbit-2

  • Satisloh launches VFT-orbit 2 the world’s fastest ophthalmic digital lens generator.

2013 - Satisloh continues growing

  • The Satisloh Group has over 950 employees, 5 production centers and subsidiaries, representatives and service centers world wide.

2012 - International expansion & technology developments

  • CM in Brazil joins the Satisloh Group and renames as CMsatisloh.
  • Satisloh opens new sales and service facility in Danyang, China.
  • Next generation of precision optics centering machines C-50 and C-300 conquer the market
  • Launch of the smallest digital lens surfacing machines “Micro-Line”, consisting of VFT-micro generator and Micro-FLEX polisher.

2011 - Bazell Technologies joins Satisloh Group

  • Bazell Technologies a Concord, CA, USA based company develops & manufactures centrifugal fluid processing systems for clarification of oil, emulsions, synthetics, and process waters used in a broad range of industrial manufacturing applications.
  • New faster and more efficient “X” generation of box coaters (MC-380-X and 1200-DLX) launched.

2010 - New OBM (On-Block-Manufacturing) production line installed

  • First customer installation of the automated ophthalmic lens production line OBM (On-Block-Manufacturing), including inline coating.
  • Satisloh takes over the management responsibility for National Optronics based in Charlottesville, VI, USA, a manufacturer of ophthalmic lens edging equipment.

2008 - Satisloh becomes part of Essilor

  • Satisloh becomes part of the French company Essilor, the world leader for corrective lenses, with headquarters Charenton-le-Pont, France.
  • New high tech machines capture the market: VFT-orbit, the new ophthalmic generator for all kind of lenses, Nucleo-Blocker, the first alloy-free blocker.

2006 - First Satisloh User Group Meeting

  • First Satisloh User Group Meeting (Slugfest), an educational and networking event, takes place in Germantown, WI , USA. From this date on, the Slugfest runs alternating in all Satisloh regions.
  • New precision optics grinder SPM-60 with a revolutionary 360° multifunctional swivel head launched.

2005 - Satis Vacuum & LOH Merge

  • Satisloh becomes a full range supplier for the international optical industry and offers surfacing machines for ophthalmic and precision optics labs as well as coating machines
  • New opening of production plant in Zhongshan, China.

2001 & 2003 - New sputtering coating technology

  • Satis Vacuum launches the new sputter coater SP-200 for ophthalmic & SP-100 precision optics.

2000 - Developments in Industrial Finishing

  • LOH develops ES-2 the first industrial edging machine for ophthalmic lenses.

1998 - Satis Vacuum sold to Schweiter Technologies

  • Sale of Satis Vacuum to Schweiter Technologies AG. This sale results in a considerable boom with vacuum coating systems based on high vacuum deposition, single-target reactive sputtering, and plasma impulse chemical vapor deposition (PICVD).
  • Satis Vacuum launches the 1200 biggest high volume vacuum box coater.

1990 - 1997 LOH International Expansion

  • LOH establishes new sales departments in Europe, South America and India
  • New CNC machines arise, Spheronorm machines for pre-/ fine grinding & polishing of precision optics, and the V-Machine for ophthalmic lenses

1980 - Satis Vacuum International Expansion

  • New Satis Vacuum subsidiaries in Germany & United States of America.
  • Satis Vacuum starts building washing systems T-10, T-20 and T-40

1980 - LOH a leader in machine & fully automated lines production

  • LOH pioneers one of the first optical CNC machines, for ophthalmic Rx production LOH Toromatic CNC and later the LCM-240 a precision optics laser centering CNC machine.
  • The company opens sales and service departments in the USA, France & Hong Kong.
  • LOH starts selling consumables and tools.

1970 - Satis Vacuum starts building Box Coaters

  • Process optimization with the introduction of flip-over system & new in situ measuring methods leads to Satis international success

1970 - LOH specialist for surfacing in the ophthalmic industry

  • Development of first lapping and polishing machine LPT, & the first ophthalmic polishing machine Toro-X.
  • LOH builds a second production and sales company in Switzerland (LOH Oensingen)

1965 - Satis Vacuum is Founded

  • Satis Vacuum is founded by Delio Ciparisso
  • The production of coating machines for ophthalmic industry starts in the basement of an apartment house in Italy, with management and administration in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Satis Vacuum begins its worldwide career with a small coating unit for 6 lenses

1960 - New Machines & Processes development

  • First automated centering machines LZ-80A and LZ-25A, and grinding machines for multiple prisms like UFM and UMFS developed.
  • Large grinding machines RF-2, lapping & polishing machines PLM-400, PM-500 and PM-1, and a polishing machine for micro-lenses, are developed.

1950 - LOH International Manufacturer of Optical Machinery

  • Ernst Loh takes over the management after his father’s death and guides LOH to an international manufacturer of optical machinery.
  • Foundation of an independent department for the production of spectacle lenses.
  • First diamond grinding machines RF-1 and centering machine WG ae developed.
  • Lenses & prisms processed with diamond grinding wheels.

1925 - New Plant in Wetzlar

  • Loh increases its manufacturing facilities to produce multi-spindle machines for grinding, polishing lenses & prisms.

Mechanical Workshop, Toolmakers & Locksmith Founded

  • Wilhelm Loh founds the “Mechanical Workshop, Toolmakers & Locksmith“ in Wetzlar, Germany.
  • In the beginning, the company manufactures machines for the production of sheet-metal cans.
  • First, spindles & equipment for micro-lens manufacturing produced.