Complete Rx production data management

  • Multilingual WindowsTM based software calculates & processes standard and digital lens backside surfaces
  • Fully supports even complex Rx jobs like as wrap calculation, special bevels, saddlebacks, etc.
  • RX-Universe interfaces with latest lens manufacturing machines & software from Satisloh and  other manufacturers.


A lab management software that grows with you

  • The systems gives labs great flexibility, to choose packages & modules essential to their needs and add more as their actual needs grow
  • Rx-Universe is easily scalable from small labs producing 20 jobs/day to large labs producing 5,000+ jobs/day.
  • Seamless connection to Satisloh’s MES-360 rounds off the product and makes it a tool that should not be missing in any production environment today.

Modular Software Architecture

Packages & Modules

to manage your complete Rx production

✓ Included , 〇 Optional * additional licenses can be purchased in sets of 5 licenses
Module Basic Easy 360 Toric
For labs producing >100 - 5,000+ jobs/day max. 100 jobs/day >100 - 5,000+ jobs/day max. 100 jobs/day
Rx-Order - Manages order entry & processing information
Rx-Device - Interfaces with all production equipment
Rx-Edge - Connects & communicates with finishing equipment  
Rx-Performer Digital - Calculation engine for digital Rx lenses  
Rx-Performer Toric - Calculation engine for standard toric Rx lenses
Rx-Tracking - Tracks & manages job flow  
Rx-Xplore - Access to built-in pre-established reports & dashboards  
Rx-Connect - Inbound electronic order processor & lab to lab transfer  
Rx-Pricing ­- manages price lists & documents, and exports invoice data  
Rx-Inventory - Control physical stock lens, semifinished lens, & frames  
Rx-Xplore Designer - Design custom reports & dashboards to display production KPIs  
Rx-Site - Remote customer order placement with order tracking  
Rx-Transfer - Enables data export through API connection  
Included Licenses - required to add client workstations, machine interfaces, digital calculators, etc. 10* 10* 15* 1

Tech Specs

Server requirements: All networks must have a Windows 2008/2012 32/64-bit server class operating system with hub based star topology using 100 GB. Thin-Client network technology required
File Server Specification Windows 2008/2012/2016 server 32/64-bit 16 GB or more RAM 100 GB of free hard drive space Backup system (tape, external USB disk drive, web-based backup) Dual or quad-core processor recommended Antivirus software Open port 5640, 6523 on router

All technical data are subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh  


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