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Chip Separator Assembly

The Chip Separators Assebly is specially designed to separate and collect lens chips and tape debris from lens generating, shaping and surfacing.

Satisloh Chip Separator Assembly Dual
Satisloh Chip Separator Assembly Triple

Traps lens chip and tape debris after surfacing and separates from fluids maximizing water and coolant recovery and reuse. Chip debris are automatically discharged to debris bins or conveyors. For high volume of CR39 and HI.

Available in two sizes:

  • Chip Separator Assembly Dual - for use with Pump Station or Pump Station Low Profile and Microseparator® systems HC3, or HC6.
  • Chip Separator Assembly Triple - for use with Pump Station or Pump Station Low Profile and Microseparator® systems HC3, or HC6.

Integrated and Standard Pump Station - Low Profile transport all fluids and debris through an overhead pipeline to a single collection point eliminating the need for tanks and debris bins in the surfacing area.

Working range:

Assembly Dual Supports 2 digital lens generators and 2 Pump Stations or 2 Pump Station Low Profile and Microseparator®.
Assembly Triple Supports 3 digital lens generators and 3 Pump Stations or 3 Pump Station Low Profile and Microseparator®.

Lens material:All standard organic materials
Dimensions (wxdxh):Assembly Dual 862 x 1087 x 1404 mm / 34 x 43 x 56 inches
Assembly Triple 1159 x 1096 x 1404 mm / 46 x 44 x 56 inches
Weight:Assembly Dual 172 kg / 378 lbs
Assembly Triple 218 kg / 480 lbs

All technical data subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh.

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