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The Hydra-Sonic-10 is a compact ultrasonic cleaning system for cleaning and drying up to 72 ophthalmic lenses per hour, ready to coat, with a wide productivity range to fit various production needs.

Satisloh Hydra-Sonic-10 Compact Ultrasonic Lens Cleaning System
Satisloh Hydra-Sonic-10 Ultrasonic lens cleaner
Satisloh Hydra-sonic-10 ophthalmic lens drying
Hydra-Sonic-10 lens cleaning
Hydra-Sonic-5 ultrasonic lens cleaning drying
Hydra-Sonic-10 lens cleaning lifted

Safe and reliable

  • Fully enclosed transparent cover working area to protect against ambient air contamination
  • Integrated DI water production (reverse osmosis membrane, mixed bed resins, active charcoal filer)
  • Fully automated cleaning and drying process with adjustable lift-out system is combined with special heating (loading and unloading is manual)

Environmentally friendly

  • Low consumption of detergents and water
  • Low tap-water consumption


Easy to use and flexible

  • Compact plug and wash system
  • Clean room installation compatible

576 lenses per 8-hour shift

Dimensions (wxdxh):

1500 x 800 x 1300 mm / 59 x 32 x 51 inches

Weight:340 kg / 750 lb

 All technical data subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh

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