The CNC controlled PR-150 is a grinding machine not only for the processing of prisms, but for outside edge contours as well as rounding of rod lenses. Through its robust design and longevity in the market, this machine sets the benchmark for prism and contour grinding machines. Combined with Satislohs HS-200 automated handling system the PR-150 can be even used in automated optics production lines.

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Prism processing at its best

With over 20 year’s presence in the market, the PR-150 is a trusted brand in grinding and edge shaping of prisms. It is renowned in the industry for its ease of use, ability to achieve high volume stock removals and maintain excellent angular accuracy with a fine ground surface finish. With the additional options of lens contouring, rod lens rounding and the ability of automation it is a true workhorse.

Efficient and User-friendly

The PR-150 machine is built for speed and efficiency. This is achieved by small details and optimizations that make using the machine an experience.

  • Fast mechanical setup through simple chuck devices
  • Easy and convenient job setup with PriSyS guided user interface
  • Editable standard forms with simple input of all process parameters
  • Automatic cut path calculation
  • Optimum cutting performance through variable feed rate settings
  • Manual process optimization with individual settings
  • Graphical process simulation for optimization of the job
  • Optional automated loading system HS-200
  • Integrated air shower function for cleaning of workpieces after grinding

High Precision

  • Optimized driving concept of spindles and axes allows high process speed for best accuracy
  • Grinds extremely accurate angles of plano surfaces in relation to each other
  • Variable programming of the feed rate allows the machine to adapt to the geometry of the workpiece improving surface quality
Working range:

5—150 mm largest diagonal of workpiece (symmetrical) with a height of 90 mm

Dimensions (wxdxh): 1000 x 1480 x 1900 mm / 39.4 x 58.3 x 74.8 inches

1150 kg / 2535.3 lbs


Power: 7,5kVA Air Supply: 6bar

All technical data are subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh.

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