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MC-280-X is a small-volume box coater for AR and/or mirror lens coating production. Designed for Rx-labs with small batch requirements providing highest coating flexibility.


Satisloh MC-280-X AR & Mirror Coating Machine
Satisloh MC-280-X Coating chamber
Satisloh MC-280-X Coating dome
Satisloh MC-280-X coating color shutter
Satisloh MC-280-X Electron Beam Gun Crucibles

Small-batch AR & mirror coater

  • Capacity: up to 30 lenses/batch Ø70 mm with full dome.
  • Offers multiple lens coating process applications: Anti-Reflective and/or mirror coating on organic & mineral eyeglass lenses via thermal evaporation process (PVD).
  • Deposition of multiple coating process features in a single run.
  • Simplified electron-beam emitter for easy maintenance & increased reliability.
  • Ion-beam assisted deposition for best layer adhesion and hardness.

Coating processes for Rx lenses

  • Top coating - Hydrophobic, Super Hydrophobic & Super Hydro/Oleophobic
  • AR coating - Ultimate, Premium, Performance, Classic, Multicote X
  • Mirror coating - Spectraflex X
  • Specialized coating - Protect-Blue, Protect UV, Protect Complete & Protect High Contrast

MC-280-X small vacuum box coater, can be customized to meet your product, process and production requirements.

Perfectly matched Satisloh ophthalmic lens coating processes, consumables, and box coaters guarantee best coating performance.

3-sector dome lens capacity:
(ringless sector on request)
Ø 65 mm up to 30 lenses
Ø 70 mm up to 27 lenses
Ø 75 mm up to 24 lenses
Ø 80 mm up to 24 lenses
Ringless full dome lens capacity:Ø 70 mm up to 30 lenses
Ø 80 mm up to 26 lenses
Fast-flip over lens capacity:

Ø 65 mm up to 14 lenses
Ø 70 mm up to 14 lenses
Ø 75 mm up to 14 lenses
Ø 80 mm up to 14 lenses

3-Sector dome for Express AR
& Metro Lab:

18 positions for OPS ART block-pieces

Lens material:CR39, Polycarbonate, High Index, Acrylic, Photochromic, Mineral glass
Dimensions (wxdxh):1453 x 1481 x 2124 mm / 57 x 58 x 84 inches
Weight:1150 kg / 2535 lb

All technical data subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh. 

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