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ART-Blocker-M is a manual and alloy-free lens surface blocker. The lens blocking system uses Alloy Replacement Technology (ART), the environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional alloy blocking.

Satisloh ART-Blocker-M manual lens blocking machine
Satisloh ART-Blocker-M manual lens blocking machine
Satisloh ART-Blocker-M lens calibration for blocking
Satisloh ART-Blocker-M manual lens blocking
Satisloh ART-Blocker-M UV curing during lens blocking
Satisloh ART-Blocker-M glue dosing during lens blocking

Manual and alloy-free lens surface blocker

ART, non-alloy lens blocking technology, employs reusable block-pieces. The connection between lens blank and block-piece for optical lenses is made by using UV-curable adhesive. Non-automated labs with low to mid volume production can best profit by the manual ophthalmic blocker’s benefits:

  • Basically, the ART-Blocker-M is easy to operate and to maintain.
  • Moreover, a scanner interface saves time by entering job data automatically
  • Besides, the work sequence, displayed on the screen, reduces operator errors 
  • In addition, prism rings help to avoid application errors by setting the lens directly in the right position. 
  • Finally, a screen message alerts the operator when the process is complete. This also helps to avoid operator errors and lens breakage.
Productivity:Up to 50 lenses/hour
Working range:Lens diameter 65 – 85 mm
Lens thickness up to 30 mm
Plano up to +15 dpt base curve
Prism up to 5°
Progressives, multi-focals, single vision lenses
Lens material:All standard organic materials
Dimensions (wxdxh):701 x 711 x 1696 mm / 28 x 28 x 67 inches
Weight:210 kg / 463 lb

All technical data subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh. 

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