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The C-50 offers efficient and versatile centering of micro to mid-sized precision optics. Utilizing two tool spindles, the Centro software package and the option of automation, it ensures full flexibility of processing small and large batches and various edge geometries. 

C-50 Centering machine for micro to mid-sized optics
C-50 centering machine of mid-sized optics
C-50 optical centering machine for micro-optics
C-50 centering machine for micro-optics with laser alignment system

Efficient & precise centering 

The C-50  takes advantage of over 65 years of centering machine building experience at Satisloh, succeeding the LOH WG Machines and the well-proven LZ 25 and LZ 80 Series.


Efficient and user-friendly

Much care has been taken to ensure that the experience of using our machines is efficient and user-friendly. This has been achieved by incorporating

  • User-friendly Centro machine and emulation software with graphical and menu-guided interface 
  • Integrated center thickness measurement and compensation to ensure chamfer width repeatability.
  • Integrated HS-30 handling system for automatic loading of parts. (optional)
  • Laser measurement of the wedge error before centering (optional)
  • Larger doors with good visibility and access into the working chamber which allow for easier tool changes and cleaning.
  • Ergonomic placement of user controls


Ensures functionality through flexibility

Understanding that each customer’s processes are unique, the machine has been designed in a modular and upgradeable way. This ensures that changes are possible to future needs, and includes:

  • Various clamping options from bell clamping to custom clamping solutions
  • Modular software structure, purchase what you require
  • Various automation possibilities with the HS-30 loading system


Quality starts with design and assembly

To ensure consistent quality from the machine, much care was taken into

  • High damping characteristic and stiffness of the base of the machine 
  • As little temperature drift as possible due to its thermo-symmetric design

Utilizing high quality components and having craftsmen assembling these with micron precision enables the machine to easily achieve the accuracies which are required in the centering of micro to mid-sized optics.

Working range:

Diameter: Ø 1–50 mm
Height: Ø 0–25 mm

Dimensions (wxdxh):

850 x 1030 x 1900 mm / 33.46 x 40.55 x 74.80 inches


Power: 3.5 kVA
Air supply: 6 bar


870 kg / 1918 lb
970 kg / 2138 lb (with loading system)

All technical data are subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh.

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