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Handling spare parts repairs & returns

Satisloh understands that keeping your lens manufacturing equipment functioning at optimal performance and efficiency minimizes potential downtime. However, if need to return spare parts and consumables or repair; our team is ready to support you as quickly as possible.

For fast, efficient service our procedures streamlines returns’ tracking and processing. For the best possible service when returning goods to Satisloh, please follow these instructions:

How to proceed

  • Request an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number, to do this complete and submit the RMA form for your specific region.
  • After the form is submitted, Satisloh will provide you with a unique RMA number, or - if applicable - a response that the part in question cannot be returned/repaired. The RMA number authorizes your parts return. This number is only valid for 60 days.
  • Using the provided instructions, pack all items thoroughly, clearly label the package with RMA number prominently displayed and send it to the specified Spare Parts Logistic Center. 
  • The RMA number must also be referenced on all correspondence pertaining to the returned product.
  • After receipt of your shipment, it will be registered and processed in our systems.

Important: Returns without an RMA number cannot be accepted and will be returned.


RMA Forms

EMEA, India, 
Central & South America
USA & CanadaAsia Pacific




For additional RMA process information, please contact your local Satisloh spare parts specialist.