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Satisloh offers a complete range of optical lab software solutions to drive efficiency, process control and profitability for ophthalmic lens production. Products include Manufacturing Execution System, Lab Managment Software, Lens Design Software and AR Coating Quality Analysis Software.

MES-360 Software

Modular Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for lens production to track & document the transformation of a blancs into ophthalmic lenses. 

Rx-Universe Software

Modular Lab Management Software (LMS) calculates and processes standard & digital backside surfaces, manages & communicates data to surfacing and finishing machines.

RxMe Lens Design Software

Flexible freeform Lens Design Software (LDS) with a complete range of entry level & high-end designs, from progressives to occupational, bifocal & edge drawdown across the line.

Total Color F+ Software

Easy to use spectrophotometric measuring software, verifies the quality of AR (Anti-Reflex) coatings in-house, by analyzing and simulating vacuum coating-produced optical thin films.