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Satisloh offers a comprehensive range of CNC grinding machines delivering highly precise and reliable processing of all hard and brittle materials.

The machining spectrum ranges from multifunctional 5-/6-axis production of complex lenses and prisms to chamfering, sawing, drilling, scooping, and more.


Optics grinding center with maximum process performance, highest surface quality, fast & consistent processing accuracy. Processes workpieces up to Ø 500 mm, prisms 310 mm in multiple applications.


5-axis CNC-grinding machine produces spheres, aspheres, and freeform surfaces with workpiece range from Ø 5 to 200 mm.


Grinding machine combining both modern CNC-technology and cost-effectiveness for optimum processing of spherical lenses with Ø 10-125 mm.


4-axis CNC grinding machine for the production of spheres and aspheres for small to midsized optics from Ø 5 mm up to Ø 50 mm.


Double high-speed tool spindle equipped CNC grinding machine, designed to achieve optimum surface quality for small optics in the range up to Ø 30 mm.


A 5-axis CNC grinding machine for micro-optics which extends production capabilities. For micro optics spheres & aspheres from the submillimeter range up to Ø 10 mm.


Production friendly, high performance, high angular accuracy CNC prism grinding, edge shaping, and lens contouring machine. 

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