Multi-FLEX-2E, Satisloh´s door opener into automated, digital lens polishing.

Satisloh's lens polisher Multi-FLEX-2E features 2independent chambers. It is ideal for labs starting to implement automation.

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The entry of automated, digital lens polishing

  • Multi-FLEX-2E presents an entry-level lens polisher for mid-volume lens polishing.
  • It simultaneously processes two lenses in two independently controlled polishing chambers.
  • The lens polisher features a universal polishing tool that can be used for all standard lens materials and the majority of Rx ranges.
  • It features a new tool-spindle design which guarantees highest reliability.
  • A redesigned tool-reception interface simplifies maintenance tremendously.
  • Together with Multi-FLEX-2, Multi-FLEX-2E is Satisloh's first lens polisher which comes in the new state-of-the-art machine design.

Lens polishing with intelligent tools

  • Two tool spindles per chamber enable a second process step without changing tools or simply increase uptime by using only 1-step.
  • The universal tool technology optimizes production flow with fewer tool changes and reduces polishing tool inventory and complexity.
  • Dynamic Kinematics enable processing of every Rx geometry and diameter. It guarantees a superior level of polishing accuracy and stability.

Service and maintenance friendliness

  • The machine design features back and front doors that fully open for best accessibility and easiest serviceability.
  • A Hydra-Boost integrated wash station cleans both, lens and block-piece.
  • Multi-FLEX-2E features an automatic software-controlled polishing chamber cleaning. Cleans the complete chamber and the integrated bellows.

Additional features

  • Multi-FLEX-2E is equipped with a pre-installed process, the Evolution Process, which covers a full range of lenses. Additional licenses for special processes are available on demand.
Productivity: Up to 70 lenses / hour with Top Speed
Working range: Base curve concave: 0 -14 dpt / extended up to 18 dpt Lens diameter: 60-85 mm / extended down to 48 mm Cylinder: 0-6 dpt
Lens materials: All organic materials
Dimensions (wxdxh):

1810 x 2231 x 2078 mm / 60 x 85 x 82 inches incl. conveyor and signal lamp

Weight: approx. 1300 kg / 2866 lb

All technical data subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh.

Combine Multi-FLEX-2E & VFT-orbit-2E for highest productivity!

Multi-FLEX-2E is the perfect productivity match with the VFT-orbit-2E digital lens generator.


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