Satisloh Introduces Enhanced MES-360 Manufacturing Execution System

Satisloh Introduces Enhanced MES-360 Manufacturing Execution System for Ophthalmic Lens Manufacturing Industry

August 31, 2023 Baar, SwitzerlandSatisloh, a global leader in optical manufacturing solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of an upgraded version of its MES-360 manufacturing execution system. This latest update brings lots of new functionalities that have been developed based on feedback from our customers and industry experts. MES-360 has been designed to address the needs of lab managers, production supervisors, machine technicians, and quality teams in mid to large-sized Rx labs.

With the updates on MES-360 we aim to provide greater visibility of the manufacturing floor, empowering labs to increase productivity significantly. By leveraging real-time data and alerts, labs can now uncover valuable opportunities to drive continuous improvement and enhance operational efficiency. The MES-360 software equips users with the necessary tools to make data-driven decisions, gain critical insights, resolve issues promptly, and proactively optimize their production, machine usage and processes.

Some of the key features of the New MES-360 software include: 

  1. Real-time Production Monitoring: Offering a comprehensive view of the entire lab as well as specific machines, this functionality enables supervisors to have complete control and visibility over the production processes.
  2. Supports Satisloh and 3rd Party Machines: Seamless integration with Satisloh and other machine manufacturers ensures compatibility and accessibility across different equipment, maximizing efficiency and interoperability. 
  3. Advanced Data Collection Platform: The MES-360 software collects machine data from various sources and provides advanced analytics tools to evaluate production data, identify trends, and uncover patterns. This assists in optimizing production processes and facilitates data-driven decision-making. 
  4. Coating Batching Tracking to establish transparency in coating room by tracking a loaded lens in one batch-build-to machine and record every lens position, location where it is loaded, with which other lenses, when, on which machine... which can enable the job full life cycle traceability from surfacing to coating process.
  5. Quality Management Tools: The enhanced system offers a wide range of quality management and control tools to ensure each lens meets the required specifications. With inspection and testing capabilities at various production steps, labs can achieve consistent and reliable results. 
  6. Customizable Workflows with Integrated Smart Conveyor: MES-360 enables labs to create customizable workflows tailored to their specific requirements and unique production needs. Integrated Smart Conveyor functionality allows for efficient job routing, tracking, and priority handling. 

Implementing MES-360 brings several significant benefits to labs, including improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to maximize machine productivity, enhanced quality control to reduce rework and breakage, resulting in cost savings, and increased automation for labor-saving and improved productivity. 

Satisloh remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive productivity, improve quality, and continuous improvement for ophthalmic lens manufacturers worldwide. 

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