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Satisloh´s Lens-Engraver-EC is an innovative excimer laser solution that engraves semi-visible markings on all lens materials. Its unique marking flexibility and premium engraving quality sets a new standard in the ophthalmic industry.

Lens-Engraver-EC ensures repeatable and outstanding engraving results every shift , through its fully automated process, control, and stability.

Satisloh Lens-Engraver-EC Excimer
Satisloh Lens-Engraver-EC Excimer
Premium Lens Marking
Customized Rx Lens  brand engraving

Premium quality lens engraving

  • Precise markings with excimer laser with 193 nm wavelength, engraves premium quality markings on all organic and mineral glass lens materials.
  • Short pulse laser engraving causes no thermal stress, micro-cracks, or coating delamination.
  • Efficient lens engraving with less than 3 seconds per design.
  • The unique marking flexibility allows for functional (semi-visible) and branding lens engraving.
  • Outstanding lens marking on tinted lenses.

Cold ablation with newest laser source technology

  • Premium quality lens engravings on all organic and mineral glass materials.
  • No thermal stress, micro cracks or rough and uneven surfaces < 10 nano sec. pulse time.

Service and maintenance friendliness

  • State-of-the-art excimer laser marking technology requires low maintenance.
  • Fewer axes for less maintenance and higher uptime (only 5 axes).
  • Modular replacement part structure simplifies servicing and minimizes downtime.
Productivity:180-210 lenses/hour (depending on layout design)
Marking field:100 mm x 100 mm, focus depth ±0.5 mm
Lens materials:all organic  & mineral materials
Process gas:20 liter premix
Dimensions (wxdxh):1200 x 800 x 1400 mm/ + conveyor / 47 x 31.5 x 55 inches
Weight:350 kg/771 lbs

All technical data subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh. 

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