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Lens Design Technologies


A further evolution for exclusive design. Optimized high tech allows you to have much more accurate data. Able to analyze real information of each visual measurement of the user, creating a much more accurate mathematical calculation for each lens.


  • 100% customized lenses for each user.
  • Superior visual comfort.
  • Provides best as worn condition.
  • Ideal for sports wraps and fashion frames.
Satisloh RxMe+ Lens Design Technology Adaptative digital curve

Adaptive Digital Curve

Adaptative Digital Curve technology, incorporated into the calculations performed, maximizes the results by allowing the customization of the visual fields according to each user prescription. In addition to the possibilities offered by the RxMe+ product line, it is possible to create designs according to the specific visual requirements of each customer.


  • Minimization of oblique aberration.
  • Rapid adaptation
  • Superior visual comfort
  • Homogeneous power distribution.
Satisloh RxMe+ Lens Design Technology Symmetrical digital curve

Symmetrical Digital Curve

Patented technology which provides superior vision for the lens wearer. It is a radical approach which allows the lens design to be created with a very smooth mean power profile.

  • Superior patient comfort
  • Sharp viewing in all directions
  • Minimizes blurring experienced with traditional progressives
  • Faster patient adaptation times and greater patient satisfaction


  • Lenses with unique designs for each user
  • Process to minimize optical aberrations
  • Designs much more adaptable to the visual profile of each client
Satisloh RxMe+ Lens Design Technology Digital


It has a point-to-point calculation method, with direct conversion to a 100% digital surface. This technology allows you to create any type of free form lens, from a standard semi-finished blank.


  • 100% digital designs
  • Visual comfort
Satisloh RxMe+ Blending Lens Design Technology


Blending technology allows the lowering of the edge of negative lenses and lowering the center of plus lenses, so that the lens is thinner, offering an enhanced cosmetic appearance.

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