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VFT-orbit-2 is the world’s fastest, most robust and easiest to service lens generator. This free form lens generator raises the bar that Satisloh’s flagship VFT-orbit set. The fully automated lens surfacing machine features exceptional performance, throughput, quality, and reliability.


Satisloh VFT-orbit-2 Digital Lens Generator
Satisloh VFT-orbit-2 Digital Lens Generator
Satisloh VFT-orbit-2 lens turning process
Satisloh VFT-orbit-2 lens milling process
Satisloh VFT-orbit-2 lens engraving process
Satisloh VFT-orbit-2 lens loading process

How to profit in automated lens surfacing

VFT-orbit-2 covers all production processes: lens milling, turning, cribbing and engraving. The standard VFT-orbit-2 configuration comes with automation. It is Satisloh's only free form digital lens generator where automation is included by default.

  • An ultra-fast ophthalmic milling spindle ensures average generating times of between 8-10 seconds per lens
  • Satisloh’s proprietary milling tool interface with a 14-tooth cutter enables 35,000 RPM. It is the fastest tool in the industry.
  • Satisloh's VFT fast tool and “voice-coil” technology ensure ultimate surface accuracy, smoothness and short “cut-to-polish” processes
  • VFT-orbit-2 features Integrated Topography Measurement (ITM) for validating the lens after surfacing
  • Auto-calibration eliminates manual adjustments and saves time

Options for even better performance & customized requirements

  • A second fast tool enables the use of different turning tips for diverse materials. 
  • Through Tool Cooling, a patented Satisloh technology, provides highest surface accuracy and extended tool life
  • Mechanical engraving
  • Intelligent bypass loader upgrade
Productivity:Up to 100 lenses/hour (with performance package up to 20% faster, dependent on material mix)
Working range:Concave - milling: - 14.5 dpt.
Concave - turning: up to - 30 dpt.
Convex - milling & turning: + 30 dpt.
Lens material:All organic materials
Dimensions (wxdxh):1771 x 1624 x 1734 mm / 70 x 64 x 68 inches
Weight:2200 kg / 4850 lb

 All technical data subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh.

Performance Package

Adding Performance Package to a VFT-orbit-2 ensures increased throughput by 10-20% depending on lens material mix, temperature and flow control sensors for faster feedback loop and improved consistency

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