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The GI-AP is a state of the art 5-axis CNC polishing system for quality pre- and fine polishing of various optical shapes with Ø up to 500 mm. In combination with ADAPT, Satisloh’s deterministic correction polishing algorithm, it not only ensures highly accurate aspheric surfaces but also that less iterative steps in production are needed.

GI-AP Polishing center for complex geometries
GI-AP deterministic polishing using ADAPT
GI-AP aspherical polishing

Exceptional Polishing of Complex Geometries

Powerful and versatile functions plus an innovative machine design that allows customer specific adaptations make the GI-AP a perfect choice when it comes to the polishing of spheres, aspheres, freeform surfaces, prisms, and other geometries. An integrated measuring probe and the included dressing function help to keep the production process as short as possible.

Flexible and Efficient

  • Universal application for spheres, aspheres, prisms, and more complex shapes in different polishing modes
  • ADAPT technology for most precise and efficient asphere grinding
  • Tailor-made machine versions meeting specific customer demands
  • Integrated dressing spindle for tool dressing
  • Integrated post processor Satisloh CAMPos allows customer specific CAD/CAM applications


  • Direct driven spindles enabling highly dynamic axis movements
  • Stable and repeatable form accuracy made possible through cooled axes and drives
  • 3D simulation mode for high process safety
  • Center thickness measurement with integrated measuring probe
  • Highly stable and vibration-dampening polymer concrete machine base

Easy to use

  • Easy job setup and editing via menu-guided software interface BaSyS
Geometries:                                  Spheres, aspheres, plano optics, cylinders, prisms, domes, rods, and other  complex shapes
Working range:

up to Ø 500 mm
prisms up to 310 mm

Dimensions (wxdxh):1670 x 2660 x 2530 mm
66 x 105 x 100 inches
Weight:Approximately 6,000 kg / 13,228 lb (depending on configuration)

 All technical data are subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh. 

Purchase a GI-AP and get your MES-360 Lite for free!

Your introduction to Industry 4.0 with MES-360 Lite
Increasing transparency and visibility of your equipment performance is one of the key levers to optimizing your production and reducing costs. MES-360 Lite provides daily reports using pre-established KPI to track machine utilization, production throughput, and top 5 errors for all of your Satisloh Lab 4.0 ready machines.

MES-360 Lite is easy to install, needs minimal maintenance (Windows OS updates), and only requires basic computers skills. The system allows up to 50 machine connection.

Upgrade MES-360 Lite to the full version at any time or add individual modules as your needs change.

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