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Satisloh offers a comprehensive range of CNC polishing machines for various materials and workpiece geometries. 

Processes range from fast spherical polishing in Synchrospeed mode to Variospeed mode and aspherical polishing methods. Basic corrective polishing as well as advanced deterministic adaptive polishing are available.


Precision optics CNC polishing machine delivering perfect surface finish for spheres, aspheres, and other geometries, with up to Ø 500 mm. 


5-axis CNC polishing machine for spheres, aspheres, and freeform surfaces with workpiece range from Ø 5 to 200 mm and adaptive deterministic polishing technology.


Cost-effective CNC polishing machine for spherical polishing within a working range of Ø 10–125 mm. 


4-axis CNC polishing machine for the production of spheres and aspheres for small to midsized optics from Ø 5 mm up to Ø 50 mm.


CNC-controlled polishing machine with integrated dressing spindle, optimized for the production of optics with diameters up to 30 mm.


5-axis CNC polishing machine with integrated dressing spindle for micro-optics spheres and aspheres from Ø ≤ 1 mm up to 10 mm.

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