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MES-360 Lite

Your introduction to Industry 4.0 with MES-360 Lite

Increasing transparency and visibility of your equipment performance is one of the key levers to optimizing your production and reducing costs.

MES-360 Lite provides daily reports using pre-established KPI to track machine utilization, production throughput, and top 5 errors for all of your Satisloh Lab 4.0 ready machines.

  • Gaining transparency & visibility over your production with Satisloh machines.
  • Exactly quantify machine downtime caused by short machine stoppage.
  • Understand how efficient are you measuring your production against KPIs´.

MES-360 Lite is easy to install, needs minimal maintenance (Windows OS updates), and only requires basic computers skills. The system allows up to 50 machine connections. Upgrade MES-360 Lite to the full version at any time or add individual modules as your needs change.

Satisloh Lab 4.0 ready machines that are elegible for free of charge MES-360 Lite:

  • ART-Block-Pod
  • ART-Blocker-A
  • VFT-orbit-2
  • Multi-FLEX-2
  • ART-Deblocker-2
  • ES-5
  • ART-Glue-Detector
  • MC-280-X
  • MC-380-X-2
  • 1200-DLX-2 
  • 1500-X
  • GI-3P & GI-2P
  • GI-AP
  • SPM/SPS-10
  • SPM/SPS-30
  • SPM/SPS-50
  • SPM/SPS-125
  • SPM/SPS-200
  • PR-150
  • C-300
  • C-50


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