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Certified Pre-Owned

When you purchase Satisloh Certified Pre-owned technology you’re getting a fully refurbished machine with genuine Satisloh parts (as needed). The machine is completely overhauled in Satisloh factory, passed rigorous certification and testing before shipment .

With Certified Pre-owned you have the security of purchasing the highest quality, at best price-performance ratio, previously owned equipment with a six-month warranty.


Why invest in a CPO equipment?

  • Products readily available, or short delivery time.
  • Trust quality - As the original equipment manufacturer, we have the expertise to provide the best in Satisloh pre-owned equipment quality
  • We back this quality commitment with a six-month limited warranty on every Satisloh CPO product.
  • Rely on Satisloh Service - Our highly trained technical staff, using 100% Satisloh sourced or manufactured parts, ensure that the machines keep running at peak performance.
  • Add up the value - Satisloh CPO machines are attractively priced.

Interested in buying a Satisloh CPO machine?


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Typical available CPO machines

Satisloh ART-Blocker-A Certified Pre-Owned machine


Automated ART (Alloy Replacement Technology) lens blocker.

Satisloh ART-Blocker-M Pre-Owned machine


Manual ART (Alloy Replacement Technology) lens blocker.

Satisloh ART-Deblocker-M Certified Pre-Owned machine


Manual water-jet ART (Alloy Replacement Technology) lens deblocker.

Satisloh VFT-orbit Certified Pre-Owned machine


Fully automated digital lens generator.

Satisloh Duo-FLEX Certified Pre-Owned machine


Fully automated, soft tool dual lens polisher.

Satisloh Toro-FLEX Certified pre-owned machine


Manual, dual spindle lens polishing machine with soft tools.

Satisloh Magna-Spin Certified Pre-Owned machine


Hard spin coater with a dual lacquer system.

Satisloh MC-380 Certified Pre-Owned machine


3-sector dome vacuum box coater for AR & mirror coating deposition on lenses.

Satisloh 1200-DLX Certified Pre-Owned machine


High volume vacuum box coater for AR & mirror coating deposition on lenses.

Satisloh ES-4 Industrial edger


Industrial edger with in-chamber drilling, processes B measurements as small as 18.5 mm.