New AR Coater Offers Massive Performance in Compact Size

Satisloh´s launches new MC-380-X-2: Fastest box coater for mid-volume labs

BAAR, SWITZERLAND — Satisloh, the global leader in AR (anti-reflective) coating equipment and processes for almost 60 years, is presenting their fifth generation of vacuum coaters for mid-size labs. The MC-380-X-2 will debut at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas. ,

We’re pleased to finally present our new coating family member,” said Dr. Gero Bongiorno, Head of R&D - Coating Technology “The MC-380-X-2 is equipped with the same sophisticated technology that our large coaters have – but in a compact footprint perfect for mid-size labs. It includes a vast amount of features to increase lab productivity, such as a full dome with capacity extension options and a bigger Meissner trap with up to 30% increased pumping capability. We can proudly say that our new MC-380-X-2 is the fastest coater of its size in the market!

The new coater runs numerous AR and mirror coating processes on organic and mineral materials as well as in-chamber tinting on mineral lenses. A wide range of substrate holders from full or sector domes to flip-over systems and several equipment options guarantee a solution for every lab.

When developing the MC-380-X-2, our engineers had a sophisticated open-frame design in mind that would allow easy positioning in the lab – even where space is limited,” said Giuseppe Di Paola, Product Manager Coating. “The pumps and thermoconditioner are inside the housing while a detachable control rack and pivoting and leveling wheels make positioning quick and simpler than most coaters.

Features include:

  • High capacity: up to 74 lenses Ø 70 mm (with ringless full dome).
  • Ultra-fast venting option combined with a new gate valve drastically reduces door-to-door processing time.
  • Double thermal sources allow evaporation of a second substance by releasing two positions in EBG pocket.
  • Dry rotary pump (optional) with frictionless oil-free pumping module provides 53% more pumping capacity, constant pumping performance over time and long maintenance intervals.
  • Removable heating system for vacuum chamber degassing.
  • Pre-loaded complimentary MES-360 Lite software that provides daily reports for Batch Runs, Machine Utilization, Door Open Time, and Top 5 Errors.

Satisloh covers the full process chain with a wide range of proven and easy to install AR, mirror, and top-coat processes as well as matching coating consumables for all lens materials and coating quality requirements. With increased sophistication and controllability of vacuum chambers, new and unique coating designs with specific hardness, residual reflection, transmission and other performance attributes have been developed.

No matter which process, Satisloh’s expansive knowledge regarding equipment, processes and consumables guarantees uniform coating quality within each batch and from batch to batch.



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