Most sophisticated mass-production coater in the market

Engineered for 24 hour production demands, and with process times as little as 20 minutes (door-to-door), the 1200-PO truly sets the benchmark in productivity and cost of ownership. These features are further enhanced through connectivity with Satisloh’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES-360).  This valuable automated reporting software provides management with timely information on machine productivity and other essential KPI trends.

Efficiency & flexibility

  • In order to meet the broad range of precision optics coating application requirements, the 1200-PO system can be configured for customer preferences with an extensive range of available component options.
  • The result is a machine build with the features and capabilities necessary for a seamless production installation.

Machine Configuration Options

  • Dual axis planetary system for optimum coating uniformity (≤ 1% physical thickness variation), as well as segmented or full dome options.

  • Various electron beam gun sizes and pocket configuration options with anti-cross contamination design.

  • High performance pumping package options including diffusion or cyrogenic for high vacuum, and rotary/roots or dry preliminary pump versions.

  • Low or high-power thermal source options for deposition of metals.

  • Ion beam options including End Hall or Hollow Cathode for IAD, or RF Plasma beam for PIAD or PECVD films.

  • Substrate heating options including calrod, IR quartz lamps, and the unique Satisloh “behind the mask” IR lamp heater which is protected from coating material contamination.


5CK High Material Capacity Electron-Beam Gun


The 1200-PO offers three choices of EBG sizes, with the largest being the 5CK XL source for thick evaporative layers or high layer count coating stacks. This extra-large coating material volume EBG provides uninterrupted coating runs for the most demanding requirements.

RF Plasma Source


The utilization of plasma beam assistance during coating deposition provides desirable film packing densities, higher refractive indices, and improved layer homogeneity. These attributes drive increased process repeatability, as well as moisture stable, shift free coatings.

Tech Specs

Substrate material: Glass, polymers, crystalline and metal optics
Substrate holder: Dome (sectors or full ringless), dual axis planetary, and other options on request
Capacity: Up to 209 lenses Ø 70 mm
Dimensions (wxdxh):

2171 x 3145 x 2440 mm / 85.5 x 123.8 x 96 inches

Weight: Approximately 3637 kg / 8018 lbs

All technical data are subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh. 


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Increasing transparency and visibility of your equipment performance is key to optimizing your production and reducing costs. MES-360 Lite provides daily reports using pre-established KPI to track.


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