Lens cleaning at its best

Hydra-Brush-4 combines the industry's smallest footprint with innovative features for advanced, efficient and sustainable cleaning of 200+ lenses/hour. Compared to manual cleaning it saves time and manpower and eliminates the risk of inconsistent cleaning quality or damages to the lens.

4-stage cleaning process for perfectly clean and dry lenses:

  1. Cleaning with detergent and a rotating soft brush,
  2. Rinsing with city water,
  3. Rinsing with DI water,
  4. Drying
  • Unique chainless lens transfer system prevents carryovers of residue and dirt between cleaning chambers, making the cleaning performance of the Hydra-Brush-4 far superior to other automatic cleaning systems.
  • DI water consumption of only 2 liters per shift – cost savings up to 90 %
  • Integrated deionization device and sustainable DI water recycling function for constant supply and extended use
  • Automatic refill of detergent and tap water
  • Innovative tray transfer system that returns each lens back to its original tray, making ticket transfers redundant
  • Automatic loading and unloading system for standard conveyor heights
  • Low maintenance effort: brush exchange within seconds
  • Perfectly complements a line of 2x ART-Blocker-A, 2x VFT-orbit-2i, 2x Multi-FLEX-2, and 1x ART-Deblocker-2


Industry’s smallest footprint

200+ lenses/hour on only 5 m² enables labs to maximize the number of lenses cleaned per square meter.

Chainless lens transfer

Unique chainless transfer system prevents cross-contamination between cleaning chambers for perfectly clean lenses.

Tray transfer system

Each lens automatically returns to its original tray, making ticket transfers redundant and eliminating a potential source of errors.


Tech Specs

Productivity: 200+ lenses/hour
Lens materials: All organic materials
Working range:

Maximum total thickness: up to 18 mm
Edge thickness: 0.1 mm (knife edge) up to 18 mm
Lens diameter: 45-80 mm

Weight: 1260 kg / 2778 lb
Dimensions (wxdxh): 3170 x 1711 x 2299 mm / 125 x 68 x 91 in
Power supply: 400V 3 Ph + N + Gnd – 16 kW
Compressed air: 6 bars, 500 liters/min

All technical data subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh.

Standard Configuration

  • Automatic detergent refilling
  • Tap water refilling supply for tap water tank (consumption 150 liters/hour)
  • DI water refilling supply for DI water tank (consumption 2 liters/shift (8 hours))
  • Air exhaust with vapor condenser
  • PLC remote connection
  • Satisloh® MES-360 Lite


  • Bar code readers
  • Spare lens holder
  • Satisloh® MES-360


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