Processing of complex geometries

Flexible kinematics, 5 CNC controlled axes with Bosch Rexroth MTX controller, powerful spindles and many pre-defined processes make this machine the best choice for producing complex and accurate parts.

Prisms can be produced in single or batch mode. Using the front-loaded tool changer it is possible to run processes with many different steps that require different tools, fully automatic without operator interference. In combination with CAD/CAM-interface, complex work-piece geometries can be generated.


Flexible and Efficient

  • Universal: grinding and polishing of spheres, aspheres, prisms and other complex shapes in different modes.
  • Tailor-made machine versions meeting your specific demands.
  • Processes various hard and brittle materials
  • Up to two tool spindles mean faster processing and shorter cycle times.
  • CAMPos: integrated post processing for CAD/CAM applications.
  • Reduced setup time with integrated measuring probe for center thickness and workpiece geometry.
  • Integrated dressing process for polishing tools saves time


  • High stability and low vibration through proven polymer concrete machine base.
  • Direct driven tool spindles for highly dynamic axis movements.
  • Stable and repeatable form accuracy through cooled axes and drives.
  • 3D simulation mode for high process safety.
  • Integrated quality assurance system (IQS) for highest achievable surface quality in spherical processing.

Easy to use

  • Front-loaded tool changer (GI-2P) manages 10 tool changing slots for fully automatic processes that require different tools.
  • Easy job setup and editing via guided software interface BaSyS.

Tech Specs


Spheres, aspheres, plano optics, cylinders, prisms, domes, rods & other complex shapes in brittle hard material.

Working range:

Diameter up to 500 mm, limits are varying on process type, tool/workpiece constellation & number of machine spindles (GI-2P, with and without tool changer, GI-3P with two tool spindles)

Dimensions (wxdxh): 1670 x 2660 x 2530 mm / 66 x 105 x 100 inches
Weight: 6500 kg / 14330 lb (depending on configuration)

 All technical data are subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh.


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