Lens Coating Testing

We specialize in testing anti-reflection hard coatings quality on ophthalmic lenses. Our laboratory located in Settimo Milanese (Italy), is equipped with the latest testing technology and capabilities to measure, inspect and evaluate the different coating properties on your lenses.

Our coating testing services supports you in:

  • Evaluating the output of your production workflow regularly.
  • Developing of your own ophthalmic coating processes.
  • Analyzing lens returns & identifying the root causes of quality failures through a fully comprehensive defect analysis and troubleshooting.

Individual Tests

& Inspection

DAM Defect Analysis with Microscope.
PCH Preliminary Check - Visual inspection.
LAB Reflectance measurement and CIE Lab colour coordinates calculation.
TYI Transmittance measurement & Yellowness Index calculation


Basic Cross hatch & tape adhesion.
MTA Multi-Tape Adhesion with hydrophobic removal.


KLT Klima test.
QUV Artificial aging & UV aging test.
Q-SUN Sunlight photo aging test.
TST Thermarl Schock Test.
OVT Oven Test.
MTA+QUV5 Multi-Tape Adhesion with hydrophobic removal & artificial ageing.


BTR Bayer Test Ratio - Abrasion test.
SWT Steel Wool Test - Abrassion test.

Hard coat

BWT Boiling Water Test.
HCT Hard Coating thickness measurement.

Functional layers

AST Antistatic Test.
WCA Water Contact Angle measurement - Top coat hydrophobicity.
DOCA Dynamic Oil Contact angle test - Top coat oleophobicity.
HST Hydrophobic Stroke Test - Top coat hydrophobicity lifetime.
IKT Ink Test - Top coat oleophobicity.
SLT Slipperiness Test - Top coat hydrophobicity

Tests Packages

  • MTP Minimal Testing - Minimum data on hardness & environmental durability of AR coating without any statistic.
  • BTP Basic Testing - An upgrade of MTP with a higher number of lenses for a minimal statistic.
  • ATP Advanced Testing - Complete analysis of the optical package including statistical number of lenses. Includes: hardness & adhesion of hard coat, hardness & environmental durability of AR coating, antistatic, and properties of the hydrophobic layer in internal & external calotte position. Optical properties of the AR coating in internal, middle & external calotte position are measured.
  • BHPP Basic hydrophobic properties - Evaluates key hydrophobic properties with non-destructive tests on one single lens (hydrophobic testing only)
  • AHPP Advanced hydrophobic properties - adds more lenses to BHPP and other significant tests, like HST for lifetime evaluation.
  • BHCP Basic Hard Coating - Evaluation of basic adhesion and thickness of hard coating layers of two lenses.
  • AHCP Advanced Hard Coating - Adds to BHCP the hardness measurement and more lenses for an increased statistic.
  • BOPP Basic Optical Properties - Extracts the optical properties of one single AR coated lens.
  • AOPP Advanced Optical Properties - Adds more lenses to BOPP with the target to evaluate differences among different positions along the calotte.

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