Eco-friendly Hard Coating precision

Featuring six cleaning tanks, the CDC 500 ensures continuous processing and varnishing through thermal polymerization. The CDC 500's distinctive water cascading and filtration system allows for up to 75% water savings, making it an eco-friendly coater.

  • Compact layout
  • 1 combined zone for cleaning and hard coating (ISO 6 coating environment)
  • Automatically refills detergent, varnish and alcohol, ensuring non-stop processing and easy maintenance
  • Optimized water and energy consumption for eco-efficient processing
  • Intuitive HMI makes it easy to use
  • Designed for 1 or 2 shift use
  • Easy maintenance
  • Remote connection to service team for easier and faster diagnosis possible

Tech Specs

Productivity: Up to 80 lenses per hour
Cycle time: 5 to 6 minutes
Lenses / Cycle: 6 to 8
Lens Material All materials, diameters from Ø 40 to 80 mm
Dimensions (wxdxh): 3600 x 1370 x 2080 mm / 142 x 54 x 82 inches
Weight: 750 kg / 1654 lbs

All technical data subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh.