Micro spheres & aspheres polishing

The SPS-10 is designed for micro-optics with the highest demands on precision and diameters from below 1 mm up to 10 mm. Its processing possibilities include the dressing of tools with integrated dressing spindle, crosscut adjustment, & optional asphere and stemp polishing.

Efficient and flexible

  • A choice of 3 reception systems available for different work pieces; air pressure, vacuum and cementingchuck or collet chuck.
  • Choose between an air bearing or ball bearing spindle, depending on application.
  • Automated production ready.
  • Optional integration of the HS-30 automation system allows for highly sensitive micro lens handling.
  • Low power consumption and flexible machine location, independent from power source.

Reliable and precise

  • Proven ‘Synchrospeed’ method drives the polishing process.
  • Direct driven water-cooled spindles (workpiece, tool and dressing spindle) for better repeatabliity & highest precision.
  • Higher positioning accuracy through C-axis mode of workpiece spindle.
  • The machine’s Integrated Quality control System (IQS) automatically adjusts for tool wear, compensating for any inaccuracies.

Easy to use

  • Optimized Human Machine Interface (HMI) allows for easy operation.
  • ReST-interface allows smooth integration into your MES-360 system.
  • Full connectivity to ProACT software for pre-polishing and corrective polishing of aspheres.

Tech Specs

Geometries: Spheres & aspheres
Working range:

Spherical from Ø <1–10 mm Aspherical from Ø 7–12 mm Tool diameter up to 25 mm

Dimensions (wxdxh): 700 x 1350 x 1950 mm / 28 x 51 x 77 inches

795 kg / 1752.67 lb without HS-30 handling system

 All technical data are subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh.


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