Traditional alloy lens blocking 

The Layoutblocker-PRA  fits best in traditional production environments where alloy is still be used. In general, labs of this kind are less industrialized. These labs can profit from Layoutblocker-PRA.

  • Basically, the manual ophthalmic blocker is the best solution when high throughput alloy blocking is needed.
  • 2 blocking stations provide precise, fast and easy blocking for highest productivity.

Alloy Blocking Technology

  • Furthermore, process data can be entered from a host computer via optional bar code scanner or manually.
  • In addition, control software automatically checks the correct selection of the block-ring.
  • Layoutblocker-PRA features an optical lens recognition system: a “go/no go” indicator alerts the operator when the lens is correctly positioned.

Easy to use

  • The system automatically adjusts prism angle, prism base and the axis of the blocking chuck.
  • Finally, the precise auto-fill feature creates a consistent alloy wafer on every lens – minimizing operator intervention.


5 reasons why your lab should move to ART

Switch to Satisloh's Alloy Replacement Technology (ART) for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional alloy blocking. ART eliminates the need for frontside protection tape, reducing environmental impact and ensuring a safer workplace. Make the move now!

More information

Tech Specs

Productivity: up to 120 lenses/hour
Working range:

plano up to +15 dpt. prism up to 5° progressives, multi-focals, single vision lenses

Lens material: all organic materials
Dimensions (wxdxh): 1050 x 950 x 1000 mm / 41 x 37 x 39 inches
Weight: 113 kg / 249 lb (body only) / 180 kg / 397 lb (with additional peripherals)

 All technical data subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh.


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