Our Values

At Satisloh, our shared values are the cornerstone of our culture. It’s what has made us who we are today, shape everything we do, guide our behavior and interactions with our colleagues, customers and partners, and help us realize our mission. 

We are pioneers

Bringing heritage into the future.

We’re deeply rooted in our legacy – proud of where we came from, yet always innovating and improving the rules of the eyewear and eyecare game. 

We never stop learning, nor would we want to. We see our search for innovative solutions as an ongoing journey, not a destination. We’re curious – keeping up with trends, gathering insight, and thinking about where we can go next. 

We are one

Thanks to many. 

We’re united by a shared vision and made stronger by our differences. Hundreds of thousands of talented people across the globe are the key to our success. 
We move as a team – one where everyone’s opinion is valuable and where diversity and inclusion are key ingredients to our culture. 

We want everyone to feel comfortable to be themselves – building each other up, playing on each other's strengths and growing together as a team.


We are agile

Making the complex, simple.

From product design, to supply logistics, to marketing and communications – this industry is far from straightforward. Our combined decades of experience allow us to deliver sophisticated solutions with impressive speed. 

We thrive in this fast-paced environment, always embracing new ways of doing things and optimizing wherever possible. If there’s a simpler way to achieve the same results, we’ll find it. We share often and actively with all of our stakeholders to identify pain points and turn them into strengths. 

We are passionate

Turning inspiration into impact. 

Passion is what wakes us up every morning, and the results are what keep us going. We’re proud to see the effect our work has around the world, and we’re motivated by a culture of mutual trust.

We are goal-oriented individuals that are driven to achieve the best results for the company and for ourselves. We believe that the freedom to explore is essential to creating our best work, and we thrive in this culture that constantly pushes us to be at our best.  

We care

Close to all, no matter how far. 

The people who come through our doors are at the core of everything we do. And that includes ensuring a brighter future for all – continuing our commitment to sustainable practices. 

We have a global reach, but we feel connected to our customers on a personal level – always considering how our roles and decisions affect the larger customer experience. This is especially true when it comes to our products and expert services. 

We want to make a positive social impact and we work hard to ensure we do it in the most sustainable way possible.

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