Meet Thomas Mappes

Our Head of Head of Global Application Engineering, embarked his journey at Satisloh, marked by great team spirit and growth opportunities, back in 1986.


Early Days at Loh Optikmaschinen AG

Influenced by the insights from his trainers Horst Freitag and Sigfried Völzing during his job interview, Thomas decided to pursue an apprenticeship at Loh Optikmaschinen AG back in 1986. Encouragement from fellow townsfolk, already employed at LOH, further solidified his decision, driven by the positive reputation of the company.


Apprenticeship and Early Career

During his training year, Thomas found himself among six industrial trainees, engaging in a blend of practical learning and traditional pranks typical of the era. Memories of colleagues sent on humorous errands, like retrieving a fictional "clearance angle" from the carpenter, lingered in his mind. Post-apprenticeship, Thomas delved into prefabrication, honing his skills on CNC milling machines, and even served his military duty in Wetzlar from 1993 to 1994.



Transition and Growth

Returning from military service, Thomas briefly resumed his role at Friedenstrasse, before the company transitioned to Wilhelm-Loh-Strasse, marking a period of expansion and evolution. His journey within the company saw him transition from prefabrication to work preparation and later into technical purchasing, showcasing his adaptability and commitment.


Specialization and Innovation

Thomas' career trajectory took a significant turn when he embraced process engineering in glasses, becoming instrumental in projects such as ES-2 and ES-3. Notably, his involvement in pioneering turning processes for surface machining led to the development of the "VFT family" and the "Flex polisher family," marking a significant milestone in Satisloh's innovation journey.


Continuous Learning and Leadership

Driven by a thirst for knowledge, he pursued further education, earning qualifications as a mechanical engineer during a four-year, in-service training period. His ascent continued as he assumed leadership roles, culminating in his current position as the head of Process Engineering Global since 2017. Leading teams both in Wetzlar and Settimo/Italy, Thomas remains at the forefront of driving excellence and innovation within Satisloh.