Meet Stephanie Pavel

Stephanie brings over 17 years of experience as a Process Engineer in R&D, with a diverse skill set she acquired through extensive work in various areas of the ophthalmic lens production process.


Achievements and Innovation

During her years with Satisloh, Stephanie has made significant contributions across multiple areas, including blocking, polishing, tool wear detection, and edge processing.

Her contribution to blocking f.e., paved the way for Satisloh to later receive the Eco Design Award in 2014 for the ART/Nucleo technology, acknowledged as an eco-friendly substitute for heavy metal-containing alloy blocking.


Diverse Background and Expertise

Unlike many of her colleagues, Stephanie's background diverges from mechanical engineering; she is a qualified optician and graduate engineer (FH) in ophthalmic optics. Her unique perspective allows her to offer insights into the end product manufactured by Satisloh's machines, contributing to a holistic understanding of the production process.

Passion for Collaboration

Stephanie thrives on collaboration, relishing the opportunity to work with colleagues from various departments and international backgrounds. Whether engaging with software developers, design engineers, or suppliers, Stephanie values the collective expertise and experience brought to the table. Together, they tackle challenges and strive to deliver optimal solutions for customers.


Versatile Responsibilites

Stephanie's role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, from test planning and implementation to project management tasks. She is actively involved in supporting prototypes at customer premises and liaising with suppliers. Her dynamic workload ensures that each day presents new and exciting challenges, ensuring boredom is never on the agenda.