Meet Steele Young

Steele's journey at Satisloh began over three decades ago, marking the start of a remarkable career path that has seen him evolve from the company's early days to his current role as VP Key Accounts and Business Development.


First Days and Achivements

Steele Young's journey at Satisloh began decades ago, starting from the original office in Morton Grove, IL, where he was the first hire for MSW. His first project, selling a CNC Toromatic Ver 8 production line to a customer in Lincoln, Nebraska, marked the beginning of many successful ventures.

Over time, he rose to become the 5th employee in the US and achieved $1M in annual revenue, highlighting his remarkable career path.


Advice to Aspiring Professionals

For young individuals considering a career in the optical industry, Steele offers valuable insight. He highlights the industry's ability to retain talent for the length of their careers, emphasizing the rewarding nature of long-term commitment.

Influential Mentors and Inspirations

Steele's journey at Satisloh has been kicked off by the influential hosts Michal Leitz, Peter Miosga, Reiner Krug and Mr. Loh who welcomed Steele as a customer for a training Precision Optics in Wetzlar, Germany. Their hospitality, guidance, and inspiration left a lasting impression, motivating Steele to aspire to be part of the company's legacy.


Reflecting on the Journey

As Steele reflects on his journey at Satisloh, he recognizes the pivotal role of his mentors and colleagues in shaping his career. Their support and inspiration have fueled his passion for the industry and his dedication to Satisloh's continued success.