Meet Mark Hollmann

Mark is the Head of Global Product Management Ophthalmic at Satisloh. His journey with the company is a testament to growth, challenges, and valuable experiences.


Apprenticeship and Early Days

Mark's journey with Satisloh began with a setback in his attempt to secure an apprenticeship in 2000. However, his perseverance led him to join Satisloh in 2001. As an apprentice, he found camaraderie among colleagues and learned under mentors like Mr. Völzing.


Transition and Growth

After finishing his apprenticeship, Mark studied at the THM Friedberg and started working as a student trainee at Satisloh in 2004. Transitioning from an apprentice to a student trainee, Mark showcased his dedication through early projects that demonstrated his ingenuity. His subsequent roles in technical service and process engineering provided invaluable experience, contributing to his growth within the company.



Transformative assignment in the USA

Mark's journey took a significant turn with an assignment in the USA from February 2015 to September 2016. Leading the establishment of an application engineering team, Mark faced challenges that shaped his professional growth and enriched his experience.


Cherishing Trust and Resilience

Throughout his tenure, Mark values the trust Satisloh placed in him. Despite challenges and unexpected outcomes, his resilience and commitment to growth make him an integral part of the Satisloh story.