Meet Man Mingchuan

Man's journey at Satisloh has been one of gradual growth, transitioning from an aftermarket engineer to a consumable sales manager responsible for Satisloh and DAC brands in China.


First Days and Early Challenges

His early days involved visiting potential customers in China, negotiating with licensing agents, and grappling with challenges like product details and pricing strategies.


Key Skills and Lessons Learned

Man Mingchuan emphasizes the importance of equipment and process expertise, coupled with effective customer relations and communication methods. He's learned valuable lessons about the significance of volume and profit in business.


Collaboration and Work-Life Balance

Collaboration within Satisloh has improved over time, and the company supports work-life balance through online courses. Man Mingchuan successfully balances personal and professional goals, thanks to these resources.


Advice and Influential Mentors

His advice to aspiring professionals is to continuously update their knowledge and communication skills. He's been positively influenced by mentors who taught him how to effectively communicate with customers and navigate the industry.