Meet Leonie Endruschat

Leonie is a Process Engineer and part of the German R&D department, primarily working on Ophthalmic Generating solutions.


Career Choice in R&D

Leonie studied mechanical engineering and completed both her bachelor's and master's theses at Satisloh in the R&D department. The combination of theory/science and practical application she found at Satisloh’s R&D department suited her studies well. She particularly enjoys that the R&D field offers a constant stream of new challenges and she finds it very rewarding to continually learn and grow through different tasks and responsibilities.


Reasons for Choosing Satisloh

She chose to work for Satisloh because it's an international company, allowing her to interact with people from various countries, which she finds interesting. Additionally, the work is diverse, with opportunities to take on increasing levels of responsibility. Furthermore, she appreciates the pleasant working conditions and environment at the company, which she already got to experience during her time as a student trainee.


Advice to Women Interested in R&D

Her advice to other women and girls interested in working in R&D in the eyewear industry, or R&D in general, is not to let stereotypical gender roles discourage them from pursuing a technical degree if they enjoy it. She believes that more and more women are entering this field, and from her experience, this is generally seen as a positive development by peers. Eyewear optics is a specialized field, despite the widespread use of glasses worldwide. She finds it particularly exciting to be involved in the production process of glasses and to collaborate with a team on developing new technologies.