Meet Jenny Ziebart

Jenny's journey at Satisloh showcases her evolution from a receptionist to her current role as Accounts Receivable Supervisor. This progression underscores the company's commitment to recognizing talent and providing opportunities for advancement.


Discovering Satisloh

In 2002, Jenny Ziebart sought a change from demanding roles with extensive hours and frequent travel. The opportunity arose when LOH Optical Machinery had an opening for a receptionist. The proximity of the office to her home and the manageable hours offered a perfect balance, allowing her more time with her children.


Evolution of Roles

Satisloh recognized Ziebart's potential early on. Starting as a receptionist, she quickly transitioned to the customer service department as the company saw her capabilities. Over the years, she progressed through various roles, including Customer Service Rep, Machine Logistics, Service Coordinator Supervisor & Reverse Logistics, and Customer Service Supervisor, finally landing in her current position as Accounts Receivable Supervisor.



Stand-Out Qualities of Satisloh

For Jenny, the longevity of her tenure at Satisloh is a testament to the company's exceptional qualities. She attributes her continued dedication to the supportive community of coworkers and customers, who make each day enjoyable. Additionally, she appreciates the company's robust benefits package, which has provided essential support during challenging times, such as managing serious medical issues within her family.


Memorable Company Traditions

One of Jenny's fondest memories at Satisloh revolves around the annual Halloween chili cookoff. Initially unfamiliar with chili and Halloween costumes, she embraced the event wholeheartedly upon joining the company. Now a yearly participant, the cookoff symbolizes the vibrant workplace culture and camaraderie shared among colleagues.


Building Customer Relationships

Throughout her various roles, Ziebart has developed strong relationships with Satisloh's customers. Her longevity and dedication have earned her their trust, often making her their first point of contact. Whether providing assistance, answering queries, or directing them to the appropriate department, Ziebart's interactions exemplify Satisloh's commitment to customer-centric values.


A Community of Growth and Support

Reflecting on her journey at Satisloh, Jenny emphasizes the company's role not just as an employer but as a supportive community. It's a place where growth opportunities abound, friendships flourish, and every contribution is valued.