Meet Heike Weber-Horz

A longstanding member of our Satisloh team from the Precision Optics department.


Early Years and Family Legacy

Heike officially joined Satisloh on August 1, 1998. However, her roots with Loh run deep. Her grandmother and aunt worked as cleaners at Loh on Friedenstasse, where Heike often lent a hand. More significantly, her father's 43-year tenure at Loh paved her own path.


Transition to Precision Optics Sales

Heike currently operates in the Precision Optics sales division, serving as Head of Sales Operations. Her responsibilities include strategizing machine placements, ensuring client satisfaction, managing reporting, and overseeing designated sales areas.

Early Impressions and Challenges

While Heike's first day memories have faded, her stint in the warehouse remains vivid. Working alongside a seasoned colleague, she recalls the regimented routine: sweeping at 13:30 and promptly leaving at 14:00, a practice rigorously upheld.


The Trial of the Indian Tender

Heike's inaugural project at Satisloh involved an Indian tender, an international bidding process for a project. Collaborating with the then Area Sales Manager, they secured a deal for two pairs of SPX-120 machines, each handling 12 lenses. However, a critical oversight led to significant complications: the realization that each machine required 12 lenses, not in total.


The Mentorship of Gerald Klein

Heike's most formative experience was the endorsement of Gerald Klein, the Precsion Optics division head at the time. Even during her training, Klein recognized Heike's potential and invested in her development, sending her for further education. This encouragement fueled Heike's sense of growth and belonging within the company.