Meet Heike Kraft

Heike’s journey at Satisloh started on January 3, 1992, marking the beginning of a diverse career path within the company.


From Procurement to Global SAP Consultant

Starting in procurement, Heike transitioned through various roles, including the booking department, a brief stint as warehouse manager, department head of SCC and leading the customer team for the USA & Asia.

Currently, she serves as an Inhouse SAP Consultant, managing SAP requests, changes and user authorizations from the global Satisloh regions. Heike's exceptional competence and experiences often prompts colleagues to say, "Ask Heike" when questions arise in the department.


Memorable Interview Moments

During her job interview in 1991, Heike was asked if she had PC skills. She replied with a simple "Yes" and instantly got the job. When requesting a written confirmation letter, she received it with the humorous addition: "Mrs. Kraft, if I tell you so, then you can believe me :-)".



First Day Jitters and Triumphs

Heike vividly recalls the nerve-wracking experience of her first day, compounded by a sports-related concussion she had just one day prior to starting the job. To add to the challenge, upon arrival, she discovered that her new colleagues in the purchasing department would be on short-time work for the week, leaving her to navigate the responsibilities solo. Despite feeling overwhelmed when the first calls began pouring in, Heike demonstrated remarkable perseverance.


Compassionate Support in Times of Need

Heike's most profound experience at Satisloh came when her parents required care. Her boss Mr. Kramer facilitated a home office setup, a rare gesture in 2007, leaving a lasting impact on her.


Advice to Newcomers

Heike encourages newcomers to approach their roles with curiosity, embrace new projects, and maintain a friendly demeanor.