Meet Giuseppe Di Paola

A longtime member of Satisloh, whose career embodies dedication and progress within the company.


The Start of an Enduring Journey

In 1984, Giuseppe embarked on his career with Satisloh at the age of 21, following two years of work at OMSAG s.a.s. - Officine Meccaniche Satis AG.

Giuseppe fondly remembers his swift hiring process: His first interview on a Friday evening was promptly followed by an Interview the next Saturday morning. When he returned home frome that second interview, his mother informed him that the department head had already called to confirm his contract was ready.


From Assembly to innovation

After a few days in electrical assembly, as Giuseppe is an industrial electrician, he was invited to the research and development laboratory, where he started learning about vacuum technology. 

"I still have the diary from the first days of work; we called it "the Bible."

Embracing Challenges and Growth

As his tenure progressed, Giuseppe found himself installing machines for clients, eventually being entrusted with establishing a quality control lab.

His journey culminated in his appointment as Head of Technical Services, a role he held until 2007, when he assumed the position of Product Manager for Coating products.