Meet Edwin Lung

Edwin progressed from a Service Admin in the Technical Service team to his current role as a Project Manager.


A Promising Start

Satisloh holds a special place in Edwin's heart, as the company where he took his first steps into the professional world. Following a challenging job search post-graduation in engineering, he expresses gratitude to Mr. Alexander Kircher and Mr. Peter Leung for believing in his abilities and inspiring him to join Satisloh as the Technical Service team's Service Admin in the winter of 2016.


First Impressions and International Exposure

Clad in slightly overdressed attire on his first day, Edwin embarked on his corporate journey with excitement. Despite becoming the subject of lighthearted banter among colleagues, his attire reflected his eagerness to make a lasting impression. Edwin was captivated by the international character of Satisloh during his initial week, engaging with colleagues from the USA, Malaysia, Singapore, and China, fostering a richly diverse and collaborative environment.



Contributions and Project Endeavors

One memorable moment occurred about a month after joining, as Satisloh moved to its current Hong Kong office. Edwin's involvement in implementing an interactive dashboard system to display internal key performance indicators showcased his interest in digitalization and data mining, leading to his involvement in the invaluable MES-360 team.


Promotion and Customer-Centric Approach

After 1.5 years in the Technical Service team, he was promoted to Junior Project Manager. His first project took him to the Shamir Singapore Inotime lab, where he witnessed Satisloh's commitment to delivering exceptional service even to smaller-scale labs, solidifying the company's customer-centric approach.


A Return and Renewed Ambition

A pivotal moment in Edwin's journey occurred when he temporarily left Satisloh in the winter of 2019 to join a local R&D center in Hong Kong. However, he soon realized his heart belonged to Satisloh. Edwin's return as a Project Manager, driven by Mr. Mario Riccio's recognition and trust, highlighted his strong commitment to contribute to Satisloh's success.


Embracing New Horizons 

In a demonstration of the company's support, Edwin recently had the opportunity to relocate from Hong Kong to Canada, allowing him to continue contributing to Satisloh in new roles and embracing fresh challenges.


Reflecting on Growth and Contribution

Overall, Edwin's journey at Satisloh has been marked by pivotal moments that shaped his professional growth: From the initial trust bestowed upon him to his return with increased ambition, each experience reinforced his commitment to Satisloh's vision and allowed him to make valuable contributions to the company's success.