Meet Alexandra Schwehn

A longstanding member of Satisloh's Marketing department.


Beginning of the Journey

In January 2001, Alexandra eagerly received her acceptance letter for an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, marking the beginning of her journey with Satisloh. Alongside her, her brother also embarked on his apprenticeship journey.


First Day on the Job

Alexandra vividly recalls her first day on the job, wearing black jeans, a red top, a black blazer, and stylish patent leather shoes. Little did she know, her first department during the apprenticeship would be the warehouse - so she was completely overdressed!

Despite the unexpected first station, she embraced the experience, returning home with dusty shoes and a dirty blazer by the end of the day.

Early Challenges and Learning

Her initial tasks involved picking goods from the warehouse, where she gained invaluable insights into material management processes. Through hands-on experience, she learned the importance of "booking" goods in and out.


Transition to Marketing

Upon completing her apprenticeship, Alexandra transitioned to the Marketing department. Her first trade show experience was at the Optatec fair in Frankfurt in 2006, where she took on the responsibility of planning and preparing for the event.

Meeting customers and business partners face to face was a thrilling experience for the young professional, setting the stage for her enduring career in event planning and trade show management at Satisloh for the past 18 years. Each event presents a new challenge and opportunity for excitement, ensuring that Alexandra's journey at Satisloh remains dynamic and fulfilling.